Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive. I think we have a real interesting, kind of debate or a real kind of introspection that we have to go through to figure out; What do people mean while they’re on this earth? Buddy Guy said his mom used to tell him ‘Don’t bring me flowers when I’m dead, bring them to me when I can smell them’, you know. Because one day you’re gonna be 80 years old, covered in liver spots, having people help us out of the chair while yelling at them ‘I can get myself out of this chair!’ and talking about the great times we had in life. Pain throws your heart to the ground, you know what I mean? Love turns the whole thing around. You know what I’m saying? Just get it off to people while they’re alive. Appreciate everything while you have it.
John Mayer (via l0golepsy)